The Power of Love for ESPN

Montana De La Rosa does the standard after-school parenting drill. Piloting her Ford Explorer with her husband, Mark De La Rosa, seated in the passenger seat and her daughter, Zaylyn Woods, in the back, Montana tries to pry the day's details out of her third-grader.

The math test? Pretty good! That English test? Aced it. Then the conversation turns to Zaylyn's next big test.

"You gonna choke someone out this weekend, Z?" Montana asks.

"Nah, I'll probably just armbar 'em," Zaylyn, 9, says.

"That's her specialty," Montana says proudly. "Just like her mama."

That's when you remember that both front-seat occupants are professional fighters, the only married couple ever signed to UFC contracts at the same time.

text by Dave Wilson - full story:

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